Voodoo Tiki Bar & Lounge: Have a Better Night Out at Voodoo

Have a Better Night Out at Voodoo

In a city like Charleston that loves a good drink, it comes as a surprise that there is a seeming dearth of tiki bars. But, if you’re craving your mai tai with a side of kitsch, never fear, Voodoo Lounge understands. The city’s one and only tiki bar is located in West Ashley is far enough afield to make sure that the only people who discover this bar find it.  With a vibe that’s a bit alternative and a bit rockability, Voodoo offers a night out unlike any other in the Avondale Triangle.

Voodoo isn’t content to just be a tiki bar, serving up themed cocktails and potent mai tais. They also host a variety of special evenings: a plethora of jazz nights dot their calendar with different featured bands for each event, full-moon parties entitled “lunacy nights” are also popular, and don’t forget to head over there for their Mardi Gras celebration with plenty of specials that will leave you feeling transported to the Big Easy.

While you might originally head there for the unique concept—regulars say that it feels like a vacation each time you go—you’ll return again and again for the better-than-average bar food and generous happy hour. Not content to serve the grease laden ho-hum tater tots that appear in countless other Charleston bars, you’ll find truffle infused tator tots.  Also on their pumped up menu are duck or foie gras sliders, a laundry list of gourmet sliders and s’mores that come with a grill to get you into the camp fire spirit.

Voodoo recently revamped their cocktail menu to include more fresh juices, homemade syrups and higher-quality rums. Owner Jen Kulick described these new drinks to The Charleston City Paper, “It's what you really think a tiki drink should be: sweet but not too sweet or fake sweet and with a ton of rum”. Not feeling the Bud Light this evening? Choose a horny monkey cocktail, made with pineapple, orange juice and rum. Bored with your glass of wine? Split the Voodoo 18 with your friends, after all when a drink comes with four straws, it’s best to share.

While it can get loud and rowdy on the weekends, weeknights are generally tamer, with a happy hour offering half-priced drinks from 4 pm to 7.