VIDEO: A Look at Seattle’s Trace Restaurant

Trace’s chef, Steven Ariel, gives The Daily Meal an inside look
A Look inside Seattle's Trace

Chef Steven Ariel talks about his restaurant, located in the W Hotel

Ali Rosen

The Daily Meal’s video producer, Ali Rosen, caught up with Steven Ariel, the chef at Trace in Seattle, for an inside peek at the restaurant.

The new restaurant in Seattle’s W Hotel focuses on exploring the origins of various cuisines through showcasing products and ingredients that are available locally.

The concept behind Trace works so well in Seattle because it reflects the sensibility of the dining community in the city. Ariel explains, "Trace is such a good fit in Seattle because of all of the things we’re talking about with sourcing locally, farm-to-table dining — everyone here is doing it, so we would be kind of out of place if we weren’t doing it."

The menu at Trace is inspired by Asian cuisine, but it is not considered an Asian restaurant. "Being that we’re surrounded by water and we’re on the Puget Sound, there’s a lot of great seafood, and Seattle is a pretty ethnically diverse community, so there’s a lot of influences and it fits that we showcase a little bit of Asian flare," says Ariel.

Check out the video for much more from chef Ariel about Trace.