VIDEO: Ladurée Macarons in Paris vs. New York City

We put Ladurée Macarons to the test, pitting Paris’ flagship store against the New York City location
A Macaron Taste Test Across Continents

We get to the bottom of whether La Duree macarons are actually better in their homeland of France

When it comes to macarons, Ladurée is synonymous with the best — they are at the top of the heap. The flagship store, along the endlessly fashionable Champs-Elysée in Paris, is an iconic destination. The delicate, pastel-colored little cookies are lined up just so, with classic flavors like pistachio, cassis, and framboise making room every so often for new creations. A visit to this store is a must for visitors to Paris. So when Ladurée opened their first stateside location, on the Upper East Side of New York, many Francophiles rejoiced at the chance to get a little taste of Paris on our own shores.

So we decided to put this new location to the test by comparing them to a box of macarons bought the same day from the original store in Paris. We tried the chocolate, raspberry, and pistachio flavors from each to try and determine which store serves the most delicious of Ladurée’s sweet, iconic cookies. It’s important to note that even the New York store’s macarons were made at the flagship location in Paris and shipped to New York. But which tasted the freshest and most flavorful? You’ll have to watch to find out. (What we discovered might crush a few dreams, so watch the video sitting down.)