VIDEO: An Inside Look at the Frito-Lay Factory

Ever wondered how your favorite chips are made? Watch and learn
Inside the Frito Lay Factory

We take a look at how potato chips are made from start to finish


The Daily Meal was lucky enough to get an invite to take a tour of the Frito-Lay factory in Dayville, Conn.
Jerilyn Grote, supply chain business unit leader for Frito-Lay, explains how the process of making potato chips runs from start to finish: "Our potatoes come in via tractor-trailer. Then they are washed, [and] from there they go into our peelers where they get peeled. Then, they go through a potato inspection unit to pick out any defects because we want to make sure we’re delivering top-quality potatoes."

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The next step takes the potatoes through the slicing machines and then into the fryer. "Once they come out of the fryer, they get salted or seasoned depending on what flavor we’re running, and then they make the journey over into packaging," she explains.

At this particular plant, they produce Classic and Wavy Lay’s as well as Ruffles and other creatively flavored varieties. Some of the more intriguing chips produced here include BLT, Smokehouse Barbecue, Sweet Onion, and Cheddar Sour Cream.