VIDEO: Chef Antonia Lofaso’s Tips for Busy Moms

The 'Top Chef' star shares helpful tricks from her new book
Busy Mom Tips from Antonia Lofaso

Top Chef's Antonia Lofaso gives her advice and recipe for making delcious meals on the go

Antonia Lofaso
Ali Rosen

Antonia Lofaso

Top Chef season four and Top Chef: All-Stars contestant Antonia Lofaso is bestowing some of her culinary knowledge to hurried moms everywhere with her new book The Busy Mom’s Cookbook. The Daily Meal’s video producer, Ali Rosen, chatted with the chef about what to expect in her book.

Since its time to start getting into the "back-to-school" mode, Lofaso has some tips for moms to get through this transitional period. "For me, it’s really about organization, really making sure that you have a game plan, and that you’re set up to execute that game plan," she explains.

The next step is purchasing all of your ingredients for the week. Lofaso notes, "Once I’ve decided on my menu for the whole week, I build a shopping list." This tip is especially important because it’s so easy to get sidetracked while navigating the grocery store; if you’re not organized you could end up purchasing a cart-full of products you don’t really need. Lofaso says, "Having that list ready to go when you get there gives the trip intention and purpose."

Watch the video above for more tips from Lofaso and a demo of how to make a quick weeknight recipe.