A Very Bacon Thanksgiving

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This holiday season, we’re incredibly thankful for bacon and all of the inspiration it provides
Bacon Today

Bacon makes dessert all the sweeter.

Tofurkeys are very well meaning. They include vegetarians. They pardon turkeys. And we love including vegetarians and pardoning turkeys. Just, not as much as we love eating pigs.

A note to vegetarians: This is not ‘that article’ about how make a meat-free holiday — it’s the exact opposite. It’s that article about how to incorporate pork into every part of your Thanksgiving festivities, from appetizers to dessert.

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Perhaps it’s a little untraditional and unnecessary — not to mention guaranteed to receive a few scowls from your Kosher friends — we think that bringing a little more bacon into the Thanksgiving mix is exactly what the pilgrims ordered.

Our bacon-themed menu is sure to delight even “Mrs. Brittle,” the bacon-loving Pinterest user who we dearly hope isn’t making all the recipes she pins. It includes everything from autumn-friendly appetizers, like Maple, Bourbon, and Bacon Spiced  Walnuts, to magnum opuses like Bacon-Wrapped Turkey. But why would we stop there? There’s even bacon for dessert — and it’s the easiest lattice piecrust you’ll ever make in your life. 

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