Velvet Underground Loses Fight Over Warhol's Banana

We're talking about the artistic depiction of the banana

In more Warhol/food/art news, the New York Post reports that the Velvet Underground has lost a fight over Andy Warhol's iconic banana illustration, which adorned the band's album, "The Velvet Underground and Nico."

Manahattan federal judge Alison Nathan tossed the Velvet Underground's suit out, claiming that Warhol's foundation's promise not to sue the Velvets for using the image "eliminated any live controversy." The band had requested a court order declaring that Andy Warhol's foundation doesn't hold a copyright on the banana image.

Luckily for the Velvet Underground (and their supporters), the band still has three other claims against Warhol's foundation, including alleged trademark infringement and a request to ban the foundation from licensing the image.

In the meantime, who here has gotten their hands on those fancy Campbell soup cans?