Vegan Baking Tips and 5 Must-Try Recipes

To some, vegan baking may seem like an enigma, especially when it comes to cake

This rice potato cake is chocolaty, delicious, and vegan.

To some, vegan baking may seem like an enigma — especially when it comes to cake. How can you possibly bake a soft, moist, perfectly textured cake with no eggs? How can you make a rich, creamy buttercream frosting with no butter… and no cream? Well, it’s actually simpler than you might think!

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If you’re interested in learning all about vegan baking, including the role of eggs, oils, milk, and other common ingredients — and some great substitutions — check out A Beginner’s Guide to Vegan Baking.

But if you’re just interested in trying your hand at making a delicious vegan cake… we’ve got you covered right here! Our contributors have done the hard work of testing, tweaking, and perfecting the art of vegan baking.

There are oodles of cupcakes, cheesecakes, single-serving cakes, and breakfast cakes, to name a few. There’s plenty of time to pay homage to all of the above, but this feature is dedicated to your traditional soft, fluffy, frosted cake.

And there’s a surprising amount of variety even within this category of cakes. Fruity or chocolaty, light or decadent, gluten-free or traditional… there is truly a cake for every taste in this collection of recipes. And we’d love to hear what you think.

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