Valentine's Day Idea: Boozy Desserts

5 dessert recipes baked with love (and booze)

More Valentine's Day ideas: baking with booze.

It should come as no surprise that we love having our cake and eating it, too — any excuse we have to add our favorite booze to a delicious dessert, we'll take it. So an easy way to celebrate the holiday of love is obviously with the best of boozy desserts. 

We asked the bloggers behind the very appropriately named blog, Bake It with Booze, to share their favorite Valentine's Day desserts and for tips on how to bake with booze. (After all, we assume you'll have a glass of wine or cocktail in hand while baking them, no?) 

Jacqueline Arnold and Ellen Haertle's tips for baking with booze: 

  • "Never think that just adding booze in place of liquid in a baked good will give the same results. Alcohol contents vary in each type of booze, so be careful. It's a careful balance of flavors." 
  • "Always consider the amount of booze you add to the recipe and how long the baking time will affect the alcohol content in the finished product." (You can check out Bake It with Booze's chart of baking times and booze amounts to help determine alcohol content — because no one wants to really get drunk off of dessert.) 
  • "Always start with a great recipe... This goes without saying." 
  • "Booze in frosting and fillings is always a quick and easy addition."
  • "Have fun and experiment! We get a lot of inspiration from cocktail recipes and creative uses of other typical baking ingredients such as nuts, fruits, and chocolate. A great place to find creative cocktails is in your local bars and pubs which feature imaginatively crafted cocktails using local ingredients."

Feel up for the challenge now? Our favorite Valentine's Day desserts with a little booze: 

Wine and Cheese Cupcakes: For a new twist on the wine and cheese date with your partner

Whiskey Bacon Pecan Pie: For the best way to a man's heart

Pink Champagne Cupcakes: For the best Valentine’s gift for girlfriends

Kahlúa Lava Cakes: For the chocolate lover in your life


Chocolate and Irish Coffee Truffles: For when you actually invite someone up for coffee... and you mean it