Urbanization Threatens Farmers' Markets

With growing urban development, farms are bulldozed and lost forever. Could farmers' markets be lost too?

We love our farmers' markets. They offer fresh produce free of pesticides and genetically modified ingredients. Consumers benefit and so do local farmers. But urban development may be threatening famers markets.

American Farmland Trust’s I Love My Farmers Market Celebration is raising awareness that more and more farmland is lost to urbanization — especially that closest to urban centers. As a result, you might lose that fresh, local produce if farms aren’t there to grow it for you.

The American Farmland Trust aims to highlight the important role that farmers play in our food system as well as to help local consumers understand the threat to farms and farmers' markets.


Consumers can support family farms and help raise awareness by visiting www.lovemyfarmersmarket.org and signing a pledge form. By pledging, consumers commit to spend $10 at a local farmers' market and can help their local farmers' market gain national recognition. A list of farmers' market rankings by state will be released at the beginning of July. Those markets with the most pledges will be featured on American Farmland Trust’s 100 Most Celebrated Farmers Markets list.