Urban Picnicking Just Got Better with Boxsal

Take this eco-friendly carrier for picnics over and over, when you're done with it, just recycle!

Think about it, who really has the space for a picnic basket? We don't. Here at The Daily Meal, we're big believers in the "Urban Picnic." What is that? It's basically just plopping anywhere and having a nice afternoon lunch with a co-worker, a friend, or a loved one. When we say anywhere, we mean it—on the hood of your truck, on a park bench, in the stairwell of your apartment building. Get creative and enjoy the hour or so without stress and distress. 

With that said, Boxsal is making it all the easier for you to achieve a picnic without the fuss. Eco-friendly all around and filled with sustainable tableware, use them over and over again and when you're done just recycle it!

Each Boxsal is built to hold all the good stuff: a bottle of wine, hors ‘d ouvres, a few bites, and a couple of  sandwiches. What else do you really need? 

One more thing, they boxes, are decked out for all occasions: the date, the office lunch, the artist's lunch, etc. So whoever is in your crowd can enjoy themselves too. Pick up a Boxsal at a local retailer or order online.