UPDATE: Sam Wo, the Infamous San Francisco Restaurant, May Not Close

The legendary restaurant with the 'world's rudest waiter' must pass health and building codes first

The infamous Sam Wo restaurant may not close after all.

Good news for San Francisco residents upset over the impending closure of Sam Wo, once home to the "world's rudest waiter": it might stay open.

The Associated Press reports that the fate of the 100-year-old restaurant could change after its owners' Public Health Department hearing on Tuesday, where they will plead their case to keep it open. Said owner David Ho's daughter to the San Francisco Chronicle, "This restaurant is my life."

The owners will have to prove how it will change to bring the restaurant back up to health codes, and then have the restaurant approved before it can reopen. Not only will it have to meet health codes, but building codes as well, said Public Health Department spokesperson Eileen Shields — which is a process that could take both extra time and money.

Sam Wo, which closed its doors last Friday, brought in long lines of customers waiting for one of eight tables. Diners remembered the cultural institution for its old traditions (like cutting and cooking meat on a wooden table near the front), and of couse, the infamous waiter, Edsel Ford Fung. Said one customer to the AP, "The Soup Nazi is the Dalai Lama compared to Edsel Ford Fung." Who knows, maybe Fung is smiling down on the dining gods of Sam Wo after all.