Unreal Candy: On a Mission to 'Unjunk the World'

The new line of healthier candy was the brainchild of a 13-year-old


A new candy company has introduced five new varieties of candy that very closely mimic some well-known products, but with several major differences: There’s no corn syrup, no hydrogenated oil, no GMOs, no synthetic colors, and all ingredients are responsibly sourced.

Unreal Candy is on a mission to "unjunk the world," and their products are already available at more than 20,000 stores nationwide, including Target, CVS, and Staples. The mastermind behind these potentially revolutionary new candies is Nicky Bronner, who was 13 when he helped found the company, and his partner, a Spanish chef named Adam Melonas. They’ve created five new candies, and while they can’t say on the packaging exactly which products they’re "unjunking," a taste test makes it clear: M&M's, Peanut M&M's, Snickers, Milky Way, and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

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Along with the ingredients left out that are listed above, there’s also something special about what goes into these products: The cacao is traceable, the palm kernel oil is sustainable and organic, the dairy is from free-range, hormone- and antibiotic-free cows, and all coloring is natural. The products also contain 30 percent less sugar, 60 percent more protein, and 250 percent more fiber than their more mass-produced counterparts.