Unofficial Spokesman of Heart Attack Grill Dies From Heart Attack

Known as Patient John, John Alleman passed away after suffering a heart attack last week
Heart Attack Grill
Facebook/Heart Attack Grill

Another death has occurred in the sad chain of heart attacks linked to Heart Attack Grill; the second unofficial spokesman for Heart Attack Grill in downtown Las Vegas has passed away from a heart attack.

The Las Vegas Sun reports that John Alleman, known around the restaurant as Patient John, suffered a heart attack last week; he passed away Monday at the age of 52.

Alleman stood outside the doors of the restaurant on a daily basis, convincing customers to try the restaurant known for offensively caloric menu items. Alleman wasn't on the company's payroll, but was known as the unofficial spokesman, showing up as a caricature "Patient John" on the menu, clothing line, and other merchandise.

This is not the first time a heart attack has been linked to the restaurant chain; last year, two customers were struck with what were believed to be heart problems while eating at the chain.

In February, a customer guessed to be in his mid-40s went into cardiac arrest while eating a Triple Bypass Burger, a 6,000-calorie triple-patty burger with 12 bacon slices and all the fixings. In April, another customer suffered similar problems while trying the Double Bypass; she was taken out by an ambulance.

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Heart Attack Grill owner Jon Basso in the past has referred to his restaurant as an obesity prevention center, saying people who get free food for being more than 350 pounds will realize the necessity to lose weight. Whether Basso will rethink their motto "Taste... worth dying for" has yet to be determined, but Heart Attack Grill will close in observance of Alleman's funeral. "John was a fun spirited man who valued laughter above all else. He was loved deeply and will be missed," Basso writes on the restaurant's Facebook page.