Umami Burger Taking on Hot Dogs with New Expansion

Perhaps they're taking a cue from Danny Meyer's Shake Shack

Hot dogs and burgers are natural complements, so Shake Shack's burgers and dogs menu makes perfect sense. And now, it seems, Umami Burger is jumping on the concept.

Grub Street reports that for their new Burbank outpost, Umami Burger will also be serving up hot dogs in honor of the location's original owner: Papoo's Hot Dog Show.

The Toluca Lake stand, which was sold because owner Leona Gardner couldn't afford extensive remodeling amid the down economy, was known for seven hot dog creations (cheese dogs and kraut dogs, as well as the Pastrami Dog and Show Dog), as well as burgers and sandwiches.

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Umami will be keeping the building's vintage exterior and reinvent the menu, Grub Street reports, as well as pay homage to Papoo's with a "Show Burger" for the location. Locals will be pleased with breakfast service and organic milkshakes. We wonder if hot dogs will get on all Umami Burger menus nationwide; the chain did release the Umami Dog at their Thousand Oaks spot last year, an Akaushi Kobe beef dog with housemade relish, mustard, caramelized onions, and cilantro. A repesentative says the Umami Dog could make an appearance in Burbank, but nothing is set in stone.