The Ultimate Lobster Bible

Everything you need to know about cooking, cracking, and eating lobster

Buttery lobster meat, boiled potatoes, and steamed corn on the cob just scream summer, especially in the Northeast. Whether you’re eating the meat simply steamed or in a lobster roll, there is something irresistible about this crustacean. To prepare you with everything you need to know about lobster, we’ve created this comprehensive guide. Here, you’ll find how-to steps for killing a lobster (if you choose to do it), cracking it, and eating it — plus fantastic recipe ideas.

Happy lobster eating!


How to Best Kill a Lobster

Chef Amy Eubanks of BLT Fish walks you through each step of the way with a slideshow of the process




How to Cook and Crack Open a Lobster

Chef Rebecca Charles of Pearl Oyster Bar shares a simple way of boiling lobster and then cracking it open with just your hands.



How to Eat a Lobster

Ignore the placemat diagrams at seafood joints and follow these easy steps instead to successfully remove your lobster meat. (This is if you feel like using modern tools to access your meat instead of just your hands.)



How to Grill Lobster

A fun alternative to boiled lobsters for your next dinner. Learn how to impart a slight smokiness and beautiful grill marks to the meat without overcooking it. 

Recipe Idea: Grilled Lobster with Lobster Jus 


Classic Shore Dinner

For those of you who wish you could dig a pit on your local beach to cook up lobster, try this recipe that makes do with the backyard barbecue — but doesn't leave out the seaweed. 




Martha Stewart's Lobster Roll 

If the Pearl Oyster Bar's Lobster Roll recipe isn't quite what you grew up with, try Martha Stewart's version instead. 



Lobster in a "Paper Bag" with Green Curry

A southeast Asian-inspired recipe, the lobster is gently cooked in parchment with a flavorful green curry sauce.