The Ultimate Halloween Playlist for Adults

Now let’s play all of the songs that aren’t fit for children

We know we’ve said that kids' Halloween parties are the ultimate, with all of the fun child-friendly activities that there are to do. However, adults have cocktails, and spooky ones at that, not to mention candy and wine pairings, and festive menus fit for the occasion. All this before we even mention the music. 

Here’s our guide to cool and adult-friendly songs for our Halloween playlist. Are we missing any songs? Let us know in the comments! 

1. The Cranberries — Zombie
2. Michael Jackson — Thriller
3. Ryan Adams — Halloween Head
4. Lil’ Wayne — Every Day Is Halloween
5. Sonic Youth — Halloween
6. The Clovers — Love Potion #9
7. Stevie Wonder — Superstition
8. The B-52’s — Rock Lobster
9. Screamin’ Jay Hawkins — I Put a Spell on You
10. Alice Cooper — Welcome to My Nightmare
11. AC/DC — Highway to Hell
12. Barenaked Ladies — Grim Grinning Ghosts
13. Frank Sinatra — Witchcraft

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