The Ultimate Guide to Staying Healthy on Vacation

Top tips for staying healthy on the road

Traveling introduces a host of uncertainties into the day-to-day routine, and that’s often the point of visiting somewhere new. But not all changes to diet and atmosphere can come and go without consequences like getting sick while traveling or coming back with a bug. However, there are many ways to stay healthy while globetrotting — from avoiding unsafe drinking water to sampling a country’s most delicious vegetarian dishes.

There are also ways to ensure a healthy trip before the vacation even begins. Eating a healthy and balanced diet a few weeks before a big trip can help travelers feel that much more ready to take on adventures and try new foods. Likewise, avoiding high-caloric pitfalls at the airport and on airplanes can mean the difference between arriving bright-eyed and bushytailed, and arriving ready for a nap.

So use the stories below as the ultimate guide to having fun (and healthy) travels that are still as food-obsessive and adventurous as can be...



How to Stay Healthy While Traveling

Two nutrition-wise frequent travelers offer up pre-, during, and post-trip tips for staying healthy. They suggest cutting out sugar for two weeks before a trip for a flat stomach and healthy feel; indulging, but not overeating while abroad; and drinking extra water upon returning home to combat travel-induced dehydration. (Flickr/bondidwhat)


8 Diet Pitfalls at Airports

Walking from gate to gate at the airport, it’s not the wafting scent of fruit salad and bottled water that lures you into a shop or café — it’s that cinnamon bun or that glazed doughnut. These pitfalls are innumerable at airports, but we identified eight pretty ubiquitous things to avoid. (Flickr/c3lsius_bb)


America’s Healthiest and Unhealthiest Airline Meals

 The airline meal was once a luxurious experience — cooked by chefs and served on china. Now, it’s looked at more with suspicion and really only eaten out of desperation. While many airlines have clearly placed their priorities elsewhere, some have raised the bar on healthful meals offered on board. (Flickr/WordRidden)


Top Health Issues When Traveling Abroad

No one travels abroad just to lay in a hotel bed ruing the day they tried that curious (and delicious) looking street-stall snack. Being adventurous is incredibly rewarding but can come at a cost. There are some easy things to avoid while traveling to keep your stomach happy and full. (Flickr/Diego3336)


World’s Healthiest Cuisines

There are many cuisines that are naturally healthy; cuisines that favor dishes low in calorie counts and high in health benefits. Japanese, French, Swedish, Greek, and Caribbean cuisines are equal parts mouthwatering and healthful, making any trip to those destinations that much more enticing. (Flickr/miss_yasmina)


12 Vegetarian Dishes Worth Traveling For

Vegetarian dishes don’t always have the best reputation. But these countries are known for cooking up delicious veggie-only dishes that don’t leave you looking for the meat or fish. Think of the complex flavors of Spanish gazpacho, Indian samosas, and massaman curry in Thailand. (Flickr/cyclonebill)