The Ultimate Guide to Allergy-Friendly Dining

For food-allergy sufferers, dining out will be made easy at these restaurants

Is there a gluten-free menu? Will the chef use a separate cooking area for my food? Will they change the utensil to avoid cross-contamination? Does the meal contain any nut or nut byproducts?

These are just a few questions that food-allergy sufferers have to ask when dining out, and then they still must wait (with their fingers crossed) for their meal to be prepared with the utmost care. Having a meal free of allergens is crucial for allergy sufferers — otherwise, a great night out could end with a straw and a bottle of Benadryl (refer to the movie Hitch). With that in mind, The Daily Meal has created a guide to some of the most allergy-friendly restaurants in America.

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Restaurants have become increasingly more aware of the array of allergens that many suffer from and have made several changes to serve those with allergies. These restaurants have a host of amenities that make dining out a much more pleasurable experience.

Take, for example, the Nourish Café in Phoenix, Ariz. where the menu is carefully color-coded with gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, and many other dietary tags to easily guide diners through the menu, or Karyn's Cafe in Chicago, where you can finish your dairy-free dinner with a scoop of soy ice cream.

Those with gluten allergies can dine with confidence at Bistango in New York City, where they can enjoy gluten-free pasta of many varieties, gluten-free bread, and even gluten-free cake, or vegans chow down on dairy- and egg-free pizza in Philadelphia at Black Bird Pizzeria.

Whether you are traveling or looking to dine out in your own city, this list of allergy-friendly restaurants can serve as your guide —we've covered cities from coast to coast.

Here's TDM's code for restaurants safe from the various food allergies:

G — Safe for gluten allergies
D — Dairy allergy friendly
N — Accommodates nut allergies
E — Egg allergy friendly
S — Cautious of soy allergies

For example, GDS means that the restaurant is a good place to dine for those with gluten, dairy, and soy allergies. So, browse the guide and use it in your search for allergy-friendly restaurants.