UK Review Suggests Police Officers Take Annual Fitness Test

And if they fail 3 times, they take a pay cut


Looks like some governments really are making police officers into role models: a Metropolitan Police review in the U.K. found that more than half of its male officers are overweight, whereas 22 percent are obese.

A third of female officers are overweight, and 16 percent obese.

This may change, however, as officials say they are starting up annual tests for police officers in September of next year, and some are saying if a police officer fails the test three times, said officer should suffer a pay cut and other disciplinary procedures.

"I think the public will be surprised that after passing a fitness test at the point of entry, except in special units like firearms, physical fitness is not tested again in a 30, 35-year career," a representative told the Telegraph.

The test will eventually include running and climbing, the Telegraph reports, and officials hope the police force will view it "as a necessary protection for themselves and the public."

Do you think police officers should take pay cuts for being overweight?