Uh-Oh: Is an Energy Drink Ban in the Works?

Some in New York are considering it, and the American Beverage Association is pissed

Just a few months after the New York City soda ban passed, rumors are swirling over an energy drink ban in parts of New York State — and the American Beverage Association (ABA) is not too happy about it. 

After the Board of Health in Suffolk County, N.Y., began to discuss an energy drink ban for individuals younger than 19 years old, a representative from the ABA spoke out against it. Calling it a "slippery slope," the representative, Chris Gindlesperger, said in an interview that if a ban were to happen, kids should be carded trying to buy coffee or tea. "...To be consistent then coffeehouses [like] Starbucks and others would have to … card young adults before serving them coffee or tea," Gindlesperger said in an interview. 

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The ABA is said to have sent a letter to William Lindsay of the Suffolk County Board of Health, who is the presiding officer. The ABA also noted that energy drink makers, like Monster, have already voluntarily submitted to certain marketing restrictions to prevent advertising to young people. Still, will it be enough to wave off an energy drink ban? After so many reports to the FDA, we imagine legislation to ban the potentially deadly drinks may not be far behind.