Twinkies Officially Returning July 15

Also on the drawing board: 'crunchy' Twinkies and new flavors

Twinkies are set to return July 15.

Good news, sweet tooths; we now know the official day you can get back to stockpiling Twinkies for the upcoming apocalypse. Hostess is expecting to return with its line of Twinkies and other sugary treats on July 15, bragging with the tag line, "The Sweetest Comeback in The History of Ever," AP reports.

Unfortunately for purists, the company change did affect the products, but Hostess president Rich Seban promises that it's for the good of the cakes (and only CupCakes are noted as being somewhat different). The changes implemented since Apollo Global Management bought Hostess? "For the CupCakes, the company is now using dark cocoa instead of milk chocolate to give them a richer, darker appearance," AP reports. Prices for the cakes remain the same at 10 Twinkies for $3.99, Seban says.

Meanwhile, production now only takes place in four bakery plants instead of 11, and Hostess will be delivering only to warehouses who then deliver to the stores. Which means it might be easier for you to find those Twinkies in your local bodega.


We may have to wait until July 15, but Seban promises that the Twinkies are here to stay, especially since the company is looking at different variations, like a "crunchy" Twinkie (a store-bought version of the deep-fried Twinkie, we imagine), plus other options like gluten-free, added fiber, low-sugar, and low-sodium versions. Health aside, Seban also says they're playing with different flavors. "We can have some fun with that mixture," he said. Unfortunately, he does say that Twinkies only last 45 days, but he's obviously never seen Wall-E.