Turkey Fryers: The Best 5 to Buy for Thanksgiving

If you're shoppinng for your first fryer, check out this guide
Turkey Fryers: The 5 Best Makes & Models to Buy

For those of you planning to attempt your first fried turkey this Thanksgiving, here is a great list of the five best turkey fryer models available. When purchasing a turkey fryer, consider a few important things:

Are you planning to fry your turkey indoors or outdoors? Outdoor fryers usually fire on propane, while indoor fryers are typically electric and may even be oil-less.

How many people are you serving? Be sure to buy a fryer that will easily fit the size bird you intend to serve. (With these models you can fry up to a 25-pound bird!)

Finally, consider cleanup. Indoor fryers are generally easier to clean-up, but they are geared toward cooking smaller birds.

I hope you enjoy your fried turkey this year — good luck!

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