The Tupperware Question: to Return or Not?

Should you return the Tupperware that others nicely give to you for treats or not?

Tupperware is constantly used to give leftover meals to friends, to bring cookies to bake sales, and to give gifts of pastries. Yet, it is sometimes difficult to figure out what to do with the Tupperware once the treats it holds are gone.

Denise Lum-Kan, executive director of the San Francisco Bay Area office of Tupperware, Inc., says Tupperware is a “treasured possession” that must be returned. However, the answer really lies in your community. Some see demanding your friends and family to return Tupperware is like demanding your Ziploc bags back. Others believe that it is rude and disrespectful to not return Tupperware within a designated timeframe.

When giving Tupperware to others, give generously without expecting the Tupperware to be returned. Also, use less expensive, disposable plastic containers, like the ones from Glad—this way you won’t be upset if you never see it again.
When you are the one contemplating the returning of Tupperware, think about the type of Tupperware you have in your possession as if it was a plate or bowl lent to you. Here’s a rule of thukmb: if it’s disposable plastic—keep it; if it’s glass or ceramic, you shouldreturn it. Just ask yourself, “Would I want to be parted from this?”

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Remember that it’s considered rude to return Tupperware empty. So next time you are returning Tupperware why not stuff it with flowers, a batch of cookies, or a bag of coffee? It’s a great way to keep the kindness going and coming.