The Truth About In-N-Out's Monkey Style and More News

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In today's Media Mix, a hangover delivery service, plus Tyler Florence's new food show
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Wienermobile's Road Rally: In a new marketing ploy, the Wienermobiles are being put on a "Wienermobile run," with each competing to complete challenges submitted from fans. [NY Times]

Enterprising Hangover Cures: Of course this would happen in a university: Two friends have started a company called Manchester Hangover Delivery to bring fries, KFC, and all sorts of greasy food to anyone who orders through Facebook. Plan ahead and order some mashed potatoes tonight for Sunday morning. [Manchester Evening News]

'Monkey Style' Fake: An In-N-Out representative has come forward to say that Monkey Style is definitely not on the secret menu, but that doesn't mean you can't make it yourself. [Yahoo]

Panera Bread Reveals New 'Hidden' MenuWhat Is In-N-Out's 'Monkey-Style' Burger?

Tyler Florence's New Show: The chef's new show, Food Court Wars, debuted last night, where two teams face off to win their food court restaurant rent-free for a year. [Food Network]