Trump to Build Restaurant at Jones Beach, New York

The Trump Organization secured land rights to build brand-new boardwalk restaurant

After six arduous years of legal battles and community animosity, Trump has won again. Just a few days ago, Trump acquired the rights to a vacant lot at Jones Beach where he plans to build a boardwalk restaurant, which, despite popular belief, might actually improve the Jones Beach community.

According to an article by the Wall Street Journal, the 39,000-square-foot restaurant will be called Trump on the Ocean, and will be built in the vacant lot where Boardwalk Café once stood, before it was torn down in 2004. Trump will invest money to pay for the entire cost of the restaurant, which will cost about $24 million and when finished, will seat about 400 diners.

Trump has had a personal relationship with Jones Beach, spending time there as a child and admiring the beautiful park just outside of a crowded, noisy city. The WSJ explains that to commemorate Robert Moses, Jones Beach’s urban planner, Trump sought to create a "facility that the late great Robert Moses would have been proud of."

Because of Trump’s association with lavish skyscrapers and flashy casinos, residents were worried that their beach would be transformed into something unnatural. But the restaurant will be only three stories tall and will be designed to blend in with the rest of the community.

Residents can also rejoice in the fact that the restaurant will provide several hundred jobs in the area and will help to boost the local economy. At a time like this, Trump just might be able to save the day.