Tropicana’s New Juice Flavor Coming to Stores in January

Tropicana has come out with a Trop50 new flavor that cannot be missed

The new Tropicana flavor has all the flavor with half the calories and sugar.

One of the greatest things as a kid was waking up and sucking down a cold glass of orange juice while watching cartoons. As we got older we started to get a little more creative with our juice choices, sometimes opting to put a little bit of champagne in that OJ to create some pretty killer mimosas. These days our friends over at Tropicana have come up with a reduced-calorie juice they’re calling Trop50, which has the same great taste you remember as a kid but half the amount of calories found in a typical glass of orange juice, and now they've introduced a new flavor.

The flavors that Tropicana has come up with throughout the years have been creative and delicious, offering seasoned juice drinkers a great way to get their juice fix but also have some versatility instead of consuming only orange juice. There’s nothing that says you can’t stick with plain OJ for tradition's sake, but Tropicana has introduced a new flavor of Trop50 that will available in stores starting in January. We got a sneak peak and we couldn’t be more excited about it.

The new product is Raspberry Acai, and Tropicana tells us the small, round, dark purple berry from the Amazon rainforest in Brazil tastes just like a mix of berries and chocolate — and they’re right. The drink isn’t too sugary-sweet, but it boasts all the delicious flavors you expect from a glass of Tropicana.

Raspberry acai is a great source of antioxidants and has 100 percent of a day’s supply of vitamin C. There are no artificial sweeteners and 50 percent less sugar and calories than the juice you remember from your childhood.

The flavor is fabulous and it has some pretty awesome health benefits, too. We may not be cozying up to cartoons on a Saturday morning anymore, but the raspberry acai Trop50 definitely reminds us of the delicious days of juice-drinking, without all the calories and sugar.

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