Trendy, Stylish Women: There's Now a Bottled Water for You

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Nestlé is launching a bottled water targeted at trendy, high-income women
Water Targeted for Women | Products

All right ladies, if you've ever felt that you definitely cannot have it all without your own brand of water marketed toward your demographic, now you have it.

The New York Times reports that Nestlé is introducing a new "premium" brand of water called "Resource," marketed specifically for women "a little more on the trendy side and higher-income side, and the bull’s-eye is 35 years old."

According to brand manager Larry Cooper, the water is more of a "lifestyle brand, where she’s proud to carry around Resource as her bottled water accessory, so to speak." Plastic water bottles: the next designer bags?

So what exactly makes Resource distinct? No word on where the water is sourced from, but according to the promotional video, the water has the ability to make everyone in the city disappear and create spontaneous springs of water, while ambient techno and acrobats dance around to create some sense of serenity. It's all very strange, but hey, women do have a history of not understanding how water bottles work.

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