The World’s 8 Wackiest Food Festivals

Make your way to these unique food festivals around the world

Hundreds of festivals take place yearly across the globe, and for food-lovers, above all, the possibilities are endless. Depending on what your favorite dish or cuisine might be, or what level of seriousness you’re looking for, there’s likely at least one festival that will suit you perfectly somewhere around the globe.

Slideshow: The World's 8 Wackiest Food Festivals

We recently published a list of the most noteworthy food festivals and events to attend in 2017, but the scope of food events held annually in one place or another goes beyond the merely noteworthy into the unusual and sometimes downright wacky. If you like munching on bugs, you’ll have to make it to New Zealand for the Wildfoods Festival or to North Carolina for the BugFest. If competitions are more your thing, then Cheese Rolling in England and the Night of Radishes in Mexico are a couple of strangely specific festivals you’ll enjoy.  

This year, make an effort to step outside your comfort zone and try one of the world’s wackiest food festivals.

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