This Is What a Burger Looks Like in China

No, we’re not talking about a Big Mac

There are many variations of burgers in the world, such as the ro jia mo in China.

We already know that China has its own iteration of bagels, called girde nan, which have been eaten by the Uyghur Muslims in the Xinjiang region of western China for hundreds of years. But did you know that there is a burger in China that has no relation to the American hamburger as we know it? It is a popular street food throughout the country, and hardly any Americans have heard of it.

It’s called rou jia mo, which translates to “meat burger” or “meat sandwich.” Instead of beef, this sandwich opts for pork, which is stewed in a soup containing over 20 different spices and seasonings for hours before being placed in between two slices of mo, a wheat flour bread. Traditional and authentic mo is baked in a clay oven. However, steamed buns and mass-manufactured hamburger buns are commonly used now, as they are less expensive. Chicken is also a popular filling.


Since we know you’re not likely to be in the Shaanxi Province of China soon, you can try our recipe for homemade rou jia mo here.