Visiting France? Make Sure You Stop by These Tasty Cities

Besides Paris, of course, which is a given

Sit outdoors and ponder life at a restaurant in one of these beautiful cities in France.

France has 22 regions, and each has distinct regional cuisines. Oftentimes, cuisines not only vary by region, but from city to city as well. We’ve put together a list of cities with distinct regional cuisines so that the next time you’re in France, you can let your stomach inform your decisions.

We left Paris out of this list — not because the city is lacking in excellent food, but because we figure you already know that. If you’re looking to take a day or weekend trip while you’re in Paris, though, that’s when this list will come in handy.

Do you want the German-influenced foods of Strasbourg, or the meaty specialties of Lyon?


You won’t get many of these foods in the United States — or if you do, they just won’t taste the same — so savor the experience and throw your diet out the window.