Traditional Christmas Food Gifts from Around the World

In England, many people traditional give out Christmas hampers filled with goodies

The Daily Meal looks at some traditional Christmas gifts from around the world.

Czech Republic


In the Czech, don’t be surprised if you get an assortment of elaborate, homemade cookies from a neighbor or friend. If you’re lucky, you might even get some slivovitz, or plum brandy.


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We all love a good gift basket come Christmas, and the Brits know just the kind to put together. Christmas hampers are a common present given out in England, and some go so far as to say that a British Christmas hamper overshadows anything comparable in the States.


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In Northern India especially, it is popular to give boxes of almonds, raisins, and other mixed nuts out as presents during both Christmas and Diwali, the latter of which is the more popular of the two holidays.


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Though Christmas is a big celebration in Mexico, gifts are also given out for Three Kings Day on January 6. You’ll find that the most common gift is rosca de reyes, or a cake that is eaten as part of the celebrations. 


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In Sweden, box of chocolate are popularly given out as a Christmas gift to family and friends. How sweet!