Three Things You Always Forget to Pack

These aren’t always the most essentials items in your bag, but they’re nice pluses to have

Just when you thought you had everything covered.

The worst part about traveling is packing. Inevitably, we wait until the very last second to pack rather than learn from trips past when we swore we wouldn’t procrastinate. Trying to fit the essentials into a suitcase is never easy, and when you’re packing with just a few hours to go until your flight leaves, you’re destined to forget some things (hopefully your passport or ID are not among them).

These aren’t always the most essentials items; in fact, some of them might just be nice to have in case a particular situation arises. Trust us, though: packing these fail-safes will ensure you’re ready for anything, and the best travel accessory is peace of mind.


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You never know what is going to disagree with your stomach, and in certain countries (think India), Pepto-Bismol will be your best friend.


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If you’ve ever gotten stuck in a shoddy airport or train station somewhere for too long, or if ended up arriving somewhere too early or too late after a long flight to catch some grub, you’ll know how precious an extra granola bar or packet of peanut butter crackers can be.



It happens to the best of us, but luckily you can find these at most convenient stores very easily. While you're at it, grab a couple of those snacks you forgot to pack!