These New York Restaurants Are Opening Their Doors and Menus for a Special Singaporean Celebration

Sneak Peek: Singapore Restaurant Week In New York City

Join Rob Rosenthal as he visits prominent chefs and owners of some of the hottest NYC restuarants for exclusive interviews (and tastings) on what they're making for New Yorks First-ever Singapore Restaurant Week.


You do not want to miss any of these menu takeovers. 

At first, one may not really understand what New York and Singapore have in common. But when you take a deeper dive into what makes New York City the bountiful city it is and what makes Singapore the unique country it is, the relationship is uncanny. Both locations are a melting pot of people, sites, and, of course, food. With an array of cultures represented in its cuisine, there is a little bit of Singapore to suit everyone’s taste.
In order to honor that diversity and celebrate the 50th year of Singapore’s independence, The Daily Meal is teaming up with the Singapore Tourism Board to enlist over 20 of the city’s hottest restaurants to participate in Singapore Restaurant Week. Each restaurant will create and offer a Singapore-inspired dish or cocktail to commemorate the anniversary, and believe us, you do not want to miss a single experience.
Inspiring prominent restaurateurs like Michael White and delicious local favorite spots like the Meatball Shop, Singapore's inspiring flavors and cultures will weave through menus across the city in delicious, surprising, and approachable ways. Check out all of the incredible restaurants participating in this momentous celebration and be a part of New York’s culinary history. 
Check out the feature restaurants here. 
Amor y Amargo

Sother Teague’s beautiful bitters tasting room Amor y Amargo specializes in contemporary cocktail craft that aim to transport you with rich flavors and bold pairings. During Singapore Restaurant Week, you’ll be able to try their latest creation, the Singapore Kaya Toast Cocktail.
Andaz 5th Avenue

Serving simple and delicious food, the Andaz 5th Avenue restaurant, is a uniquely neighborhood-centric spot more so than it is a posh New York City restaurant, is preparing to go “global” by welcoming Singapore onto their menu. Be sure to pop in starting September 18!