Spag Bol, Fairy Bread, and Other Australian Foods You've Never Heard Of


A quintessentially Australian candy bar, the Cherry Ripe is one must-try chocolate bar.

When many people think of Australian food, they automatically think Vegemite, which is the quintessential Australian food that is a part of every childhood Down Under. Yet there is much more to Australian food than Vegemite spread on some toast and topped with some avo (avocado in Australia) and tomato. Did you know that oysters are a popular food in Australia, or that you're likely to find pizzas topped with kangaroo meat? 

To try out some quintessential Australian food, head to pubs across some Sydney, Melborune, or even Adelaide and check out what's on the menu. You'll learned even more by taking a peek inside a grocery store to see what Aussies are putting in their cupboards or popping your head into a bakery to check out what fresh bread and rolls are being served each day.

There are many foods in Australia that are just as iconic to the country that travelers discover once they reach the wonderful land of Oz.

Spag Bol

Spag Bol is so typically Australian. Short for spaghetti Bolognese, spag bol in Australia is often made using mushrooms along with some good quality Australian beef.

Cherry Ripe

A quintessentially Australian candy bar, the Cherry Ripe is one must-try chocolate bar when visiting the land down under. Cherry Ripe is made with coconut and cherry and covered in dark chocolate.

Cheese and Bacon Roll

That’s right — it is exactly what it sounds like. Cheese and bacon roll, which you can find often find at bakeries, is crisp and crunchy bread with a soft center that is topped with small bits of cheddar cheese and bacon.

Fairy Bread

Yes, fairy bread does truly exist. It’s simple yet magical at the same time: Spread some butter or margarine over two pieces of white bread, and then cover them in hundreds-and-thousands (the Aussie term for sprinkles), and you’ve got a treat all kids love.

Caramel Slice

Talk about heaven. Truly, the caramel slice needs to be brought over to America, and pronto. The caramel slice has a coconut base, a think and creamy caramel filling, and is topped with dark chocolate.

Dagwood Dog


The Dagwood Dog — also known as the Pluto Pup — is a hot dog that is deep-fried and then put on a stick with the tip dipped in tomato sauce (ketchup).