The One Bag Every Adventure Traveler Needs

If you travel like it’s your job, or if it is in fact your job, consider this travel bag
Osprey Meridian bag

The 60L/22" Osprey Meridian travel bag.

A bit on the pricier side of luggage, the Osprey Meridian bag is the ideal bag for any frequent adventure traveler and it’s worth the $350 investment. It’s a convertible bag that allows you to wheel it around metropolitan cities, or strap it onto your back for a few days of outdoor exploring.

This bag is offered in two different sizes, but the smaller one is recommended since it has a length of 60 inches that will fit comfortably in the overhead bins of airplanes. You won’t have to worry about checking a bag, giving you more travel flexibility and relieving you of the stress that comes from waiting and hoping for your luggage to come around the airport carrousel.

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Osprey also offers a lifetime guarantee on all its products, with free repairs. If the company can’t fix the damaged or defective item, it’ll replace it for free. Considering that bags tend to get thrown around a lot the more you travel, this is great news for adventurers and proof of the product’s durability under all sorts of conditions you may face on your trips.