Most Romantic Restaurants Around the World for Valentine’s Day

Planning to celebrate your special someone? Look no further than these 10 venues
World’s 10 Most Romantic Restaurants

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Dining in the Maldives; Morocco; and Positano, Italy, is romantic already, but we have decided to hone in on the 10 most romantic restaurants in the world.

Living in the age of technology also means living in the age of online dating, and according to Statistic Brain, over 90 percent of single people in the United States have tried it. It’s easy to get discouraged when apps based on swiping left and right are propagating like wildfire, but most people believe there’s a special someone out there — it just takes time to find them.

Men around the world are much more likely to experience love at first sight than women (48 percent and 28 percent, respectively.) In 2012, 70 percent of American adults were in some sort of committed relationship, and love was considered the most important reason to marry. But it also looks like Americans are waiting longer and longer to get married — the median ages for men and women, 29.0 and 26.6, are the highest they’ve ever been since 1890. Whether you’re considering a proposal or celebrating your love, we’ve rounded up 10 of the most romantic restaurants around the world, just in time for Valentine’s Day.