Korean Prosecutors Recommend Three-Year Sentence for ‘Nut Rage’ Executive

The infamous “nut rage” airline executive and her co-conspirators will be sentenced later this month

“I could not be considerate to other people,” Cho said in a statement. 

South Korean prosecutors have recommended that Cho Hyun-ah, the airline executive who endangered the safety of a Korea-bound flight over a bag of macadamia nuts, receive a three-year sentence for her behavior, reports The Associated Press.

Cho was arrested in late December, following weeks of intense media attention and criticism over her actions. According to The Associated Press, “the incident touched a nerve in a country where the economy is dominated by family-run conglomerates known as chaebol that often act above the law.”

During the trial, Cho admitted to using violence against a flight attendant and was described by one crew member was behaving like “an angry tiger.”

Prosecutors have also called for two-year jail terms for two men, fellow Korean Air executive Yeo Woon-jin and transport ministry official Kim Woon-sub, for conspiring to cover up the incident.

All three trial judges are expected to deliver their verdicts later this month.


"I think this case happened because of devotion to my work and because I could not be considerate to other people," Cho said.