Japan is Getting a Strawberry Milk-Flavored Pepsi

Why does Japan always gets the best flavors?

This one-of-a-kind Pepsi is life changing.

Did you know that there is strawberry milk-flavored Pepsi in Japan?


But of course – why wouldn’t there be? There’s already been a Pepsi Salty Watermelon and a Pepsi Boab, which was a boab-tree-fruit-flavored Pepsi drink. After producing such iconic flavors, it would only make sense to come out with something like a strawberry milk-flavored Pepsi.

Burger King


And let’s not forget about its other incredible iconic items, like its Black Ninja burger…


Or those McDonald’s Sweet Potato Shakes. Delicious? Without a doubt.

Gari Kun

Or those spaghetti-flavored popsicles — now that’s what we’re talking about.


Oh wait, we can’t leave out that one-of-a-kind everything burger with cheeseburger foundation, a bonus beef patty, a fried shrimp patty, a boneless rib slab, fried egg, more cheese, pickles, lettuce, cabbage, and three kinds of sauce. Amateur burger really.


Like the genius food and drink creations before it, this strawberry milk-flavored Pepsi is available for a limited time only. We know, we know, life will probably never be the same once it retires, so enjoy it while you can.


In case you’re wondering, buying a plane ticket just to get a taste of the strawberry milk-flavored Pepsi wouldn’t  be going overboard in the slightest, seeing as this is a life-changing drink. Go big or stay home, people.