Airplane Crash Safety

These 10 Things Can Save Your Life in a Plane Crash

Your best shot at survival if the worst happens

Travel can be nerve-wracking, what with the difficulty of finding affordable flights, and figuring out how to get a good hotel deal. You also have to figure out what to pack and how to navigate airport security, as well as worry about saving time and money throughout your trip. To top it all off, news stories about air disasters don’t help — there’s often a worry when flying of what to do if the worst happens.

These 10 Things Can Save Your Life in a Plane Crash

Air travel, however, is a lot safer than one would think from watching the news and all of its wild airplane stories. The National Transportation and Safety Board — the U.S. federal agency that investigates civil aviation accidents — did a study of aviation statistics from 1983 through 2000, and found that a total of 53,487 people were involved in such accidents. The study found that 95.7 percent, or 51,207 people, survived. Not only are the odds of being in a plane crash just one in 11 million, but the odds of not surviving a crash are even lower: one in 29.4 million. That’s a far lower risk than death from a car accident, which has a rate of one in 5,000.

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We do understand, however, that numbers don’t exactly make anxieties go away. And as any aviation safety expert will tell you, there’s no harm in being cautious. Being on an airplane can be truly scary, and we’ve found some tips that you can remember just in case. If worse comes to worst, you can use these 10 things to save your life in a plane crash.