How to Deal With Your Hangry Friend Abroad

It’s inevitable: At one point or another, you will travel with a friend who battles hanger problems

 Helping a hangry friend in a foreign city is all about pretending you know exactly where you are and faking it ‘til you make it.

After a long day of exploring a city or town  you and your travel mates are likely to build up quite the appetite. Perhaps you might be adept at dealing with your own hunger issues, able to subdue your stomach’s grumble and moans until you get to the restaurant. Your friend, on the other hand, may not be.

Always carry a snack

There is nothing more important than having a couple of snacks on hand. Too much of the time, travelers wind up gallivanting around a city only to realize they’ve not eaten since breakfast, nor had any water, and they are just so hungry from all that walking and hiking and people-watching. They make snack packs for a reason, people. Be mindful of your friend’s snack preferences and allergies, and you’ve got a great plan B.

Always carry water

True your friend’s stomach may long for a big, fat cheeseburger, offering water — or some kind of beverage — will provide temporary relief.

Keep an Eye Out for Markets

A restaurant might not be all too near, but keep your eyes peeled for any sign of food. You never know when a convenience store or market is going to pop up.

Do Not Ask What They Want to Eat

In some ways, a hangry person often regresses in verbal ability and begins to speak in some sort of cryptic, cave-person language of groans and grunts. Rage is also a common sign in hanger. It’s best not to ask what they want to eat, as it will only further fuel their hanger. It’s best to take charge. Know your friend’s likes and dislikes, and make the culinary call.

Pretend You Know Where You’re Going

If you stand on a street corner and look around like the tourist you are, your friend will only start to feel hopeless and utter desperation will ensue. The level of hanger will only increase as food and meals start to feel farther away. Helping a hangry friend in a foreign city is all about pretending you know exactly where you are and faking it ‘til you make it.

Get There Fast

Walking quickly will never be as important as when you are trying to lead your beyond-hangry friend to a restaurant. It’s not the time for strolling. Get somewhere, and get there fast. And don't try to be adventurous. This is not the time to try anything too daring.