How 11 Countries Celebrate April Fools’ Day

Don’t get tricked into being the fool when April 1 comes around


Here's how 11 countries celebrate the first day of April.

Many countries have adopted the April Fools’ tradition of playing jokes on people every year on April 1. It is unknown exactly how this foolish holiday began, but it’s the one day of the year that people can be unabashedly silly. It can also be taken to dangerous extremes, especially when it comes to fake news headlines that maybe seem a bit too realistic.

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Although the idea of April Fools’ Day is similar across the globe, there are small differences and variations in celebration from one country to the next. For instance, France celebrates by putting fish images on people’s backs (usually an activity for children), while people in the United Kingdom only play pranks until noon. The unofficial holiday has spread to India, too, where children love to hoax their friends and shout out “April fool!” to the joke’s victim.