Hotels Are Already Fully Booked At These Summer Hot Spots

As the days get warmer, our thoughts turn to enjoying the sunshine and nice weather with a nice trip out of state or even abroad. Hopefully you've already started planning your summer vacation, whether that may be an affordable, family-friendly trip or a more exciting and adventurous getaway. If you're still not sure where to take your summer break, however, it's never a bad idea to take a look at where other travelers are headed.

Hotels Are Already Fully Booked at These Summer Spots Gallery

While you could consider one of the world's fastest-growing tourist spots for your destination, we found that another way  to figure out true summer hot spots is to take a look at hotels. A sure sign that your destination is up-and-coming and worth visiting is the increasing unavailability of a room to stay in. The more people clamoring to visit a place, the more likely you are to find some amazing sights, activities, culture, and cuisine. We took a look at some of the destinations we know to be popular in the summertime and checked TripAdvisor to see which hotels in those cities are the most popular and highly-ranked. We then checked to see whether these hotels were sold out yet during the first week of July when summer travel is at its peak. Unsurprisingly, where we found fully booked hotels, we also found some amazing summer hot spots.