Secret Hidden Beach

Hidden Beaches the Locals Don’t Want You to Visit

But we’re going to tell you about them anyway
Secret Hidden Beach

These relatively unknown and untouched beaches have an abundance of natural beauty and a scarcity of tourists.

An image of the beach is often the first that comes to mind when one thinks of the word “vacation.” Going to the beach is the ultimate way to relax; stretching out with a good book or a great beer on a towel or a chair as you take in the salty sea air and nice breeze. Beaches can offer great food, sweet waves, or even just a romantic getaway. That serene feeling, however, can be disrupted by a beach ball flying past your head or the stress and difficulty of finding a good spot on a crowded, tourist-laden beach.

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In order to find a secluded spot along the shore away from huge swarms of beachgoers, where the beautiful sands aren't littered with plastic buckets, picnic blankets, or even trash, you have to turn to the wisdom of the locals. The people who live in an area know which beaches to go to in order to escape huge groups of tourists and get some peace and quiet so that they can enjoy their own home for themselves. They may not be happy with us for sharing this information, but we know how hard it is to find a beach away from the party scene or families with loud and rowdy kids. If you’re looking to bask in the sun and hit some waves — away from the rest of civilization — here are some hidden beaches that the locals don’t want you to visit.