Grub on the Go: A Guide to Ideal Road Trip Fast Food Meals

When you're ready to throw dietary caution to the wind

A McDouble and fries is a cheap, easy eat for a road trip.

When you’re hungry on a road trip, you want something that’s fast, convenient and car-friendly. After putting hours and hours of highway miles under your tires, you’re ready (and willing) to throw all your dietary caution to the wind and indulge, guilt free, in a little fast food. So we put together a guide, highlighting the ideal road trip meal from 10 popular fast food chains. You’re welcome.

Taco Bell

Crunchwrap Supreme Combo ($5.69)

The Crunchwrap Supreme is packed with meat, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and a crunchy tostada shell. Um, we’ll take two? Included in the combo is a drink and crunchy taco, which isn’t so road-trip friendly. Because rogue lettuce. That stuff gets everywhere.


McDouble ($1.39) + Medium Fries ($1.79)

If you’re the one driving, we’d recommend snagging a McDouble (no lettuce and delicious) off the McValue Menu. You get a burger stacked with two beef patties, cheese, pickles, onions, ketchup and mustard. It’s truly the best bang for your buck. And rather than hold your French fries between your legs (aka grease stains for days), toss them in the cup holder next to you.


10-piece Chicken Nuggets Combo ($5.99)

If you can somehow recruit a passenger to hold your honey mustard, chicken nuggets are a very road trip-friendly food. No real mess, bite-sized bits of crispy, delicious chicken and the only real thing you have to worry about getting on you (or the seat) is the dipping sauce. So the chance of a drip is about 50/50. Those aren’t horrible odds, right?


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