Fast Cars, Fantastic Food

Check out the Enzo Ferrari Museum in Modena, Italy — and its in-house restaurant

The restaurant’s signature dish is “tortellini della signora Cesira,” which is made from Enzo Ferrari’s favorite recipe. 

The Enzo Ferrari Museum has hit on the perfect combination: fast cars and an amazing lunch. The museum, located just outside Modena, Italy, is a must see stop for any car enthusiast traveling in the area. Though smaller then its counterpart in Maranello, most visitors take about an hour to make their way through the exhibit. The Enzo Ferrari Museum is well worth visiting for its beautiful design, which shows off the history behind Ferrari.

The museum is made up of two separate buildings, and part of it is located in the original house where Enzo was born. The second building, which holds the main exhibit of the museum, is a thoroughly modern structure with a large expanse of windows that let in plenty of light. It also has a distinctly bright yellow roof, which some say resembles the hood of a car.

Inside the museum’s main area, visitors are treated to a video presentation and displays detailing the life and work of Enzo Ferrari, from his early love affair with cars and racing that began at age ten to the design of Ferrari’s famous engines. Enzo Ferrari built his company up from nothing, but today Ferrari is a legendary car synonymous with speed and great feats of engineering. The journey of Ferrari is well worth chronicling, and the museum does an excellent job telling the story. Visitors will also be able to get a close and three-dimensional view of several of Ferrari’s most exciting models.

After learning about the Ferrari legend, it’s definitely worth it to take the time for lunch in the museum’s in-house restaurant. The wine selection is quality, and all the food is top-notch. The zucchini blossoms stuffed with homemade ricotta and the "tortellini della signora Cesira," made from Enzo Ferrari’s favorite recipe, should definitely not be missed.