Eden Grinshpan’s Top 10 Places to Eat Around the World (Slideshow)

From Thailand to Prague, these are Grinshpan’s 10 favorite places to eat

10. Prague

I visited Prague during the winter so I spent my time indulging in rich foods and mulled wine. My friends and I were particularly obsessed with a Czech specialty — roasted pork knee with potato dumplings. I still crave it to this day. Other highlights, included the coffees containing rich and sweet milk, their delicious buttery and flaky pastries, and the klobása (traditional smoked sausage).

9. Greece

My summary of Greece: tons of fresh grilled fish and octopus, hot sun, stunning cold turquoise blue water, salty white cheese, and bright crispy vegetables. It’s an absolute dream.

8. Israel

Middle-Eastern food is one of my all-time favorites. I usually spend hours just roaming the shuk (market) — Ha'Carmel in Tel-Aviv and Mahane Yehuda in Jerusalem. The produce is always seasonal and fresh, the baked goods fill the air with the most incredible smells, the freshly baked breads, pitas, grilled meats, fresh dates and figs, fried falafel, and, the bricks of halva. Everywhere you turn, you get something new to see and new to try.

7. San Sebastián, Spain

Très sexy! Surfer city and pintxo bars (aka Basque version of tapas.) All we did was hop from one bar to the next, sampling little bits and bites in every one. There are hundreds of little morsels for you to try — octopus, squid, olives cured meats, anchovies, etc. Obviously, we would also indulge in the wine, too! It is absolutely beautiful and I can't wait to go back.

6. San Francisco

The food scene is off the hook. The quality of the produce is unmatched in any other place in the U.S. — including the best produce, seafood and, also, the best Mexican. The taquerias get me every time. I am a bottomless pit once I get there!

5. Houston

I am a huge meat lover. You name it — ribs, pulled pork, brisket — I eat it. Nothing beats BBQ and a cold beer, and Houston does it right time after time.

4. Paris

I am a complete baguette, croissant, and pastry lover (well, who isn't?). I would simply walk around with a baguette in hand and eat it all day long. I literally went into every boulangerie I saw and bought some type of pastry perfection from every single one. Perfection!

3. Vietnam

I traveled from Ha Long Bay (in the north) all the way to Ho Chi Minh (the largest city in Vietnam all the way south). Pho (noodle soup), bun (rice vermicelli), chè (a sweet pudding dessert) and banh mi (traditional Vietnamese bread) are some of my all-time favorite dishes. 


I love the complexity of Indian food; the way they blend their spice combinations is incredible. From thali platters in the North, to the dosas and idlis in the South — I could pour coconut, cilantro, and chutney on anything! What I would give for a hot chai right now!

1. Thailand

I absolutely adore a great green curry, and the mango sticky rice on the streets of Bangkok is incredibly addictive. I love spice, lime, and anything with coconut. In my travels there I did nothing but walk through the major food markets and sample anything that looked good.