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Eat Like a Local: Toronto

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Peameal Bacon Sandwich From St. Lawrence Market

A Peameal bacon sandwich is probably the most distinct dish Toronto has to offer and a tradition in St. Lawrence Market. It is a simple sandwich that evokes a strong sense of Canadian pride and history since its been a Toronto favorite since 1875. The most popular places to grab one are Carousel Bakery, Sausage King, and Paddington’s Pump


"Street Meat" From The Blue Chip Truck

Locals love their “street meat.” The Blue Chip Truck is popular with university students because of its location. Hot dog and chip carts can also be found around Toronto’s major sporting venues and offer everything from a classic variety with mustard to less traditional toppings such as sautéed onions. 

Four Seasons, Toronto

Grapefruit Givre From Café Boulud

The Grapefruit Givre is a dessert that can’t be missed. Served over a bed of ice, its crunchy, succulent, frozen and warm all at once. Available at Café Boulud, the frozen grapefruit shell, with pistachio crumble at the bottom, is lined with grape fruit sorbet and stuffed with fresh pieces of grapefruit and rose flavored Turkish delight before being sealed with golden sesame tuille and topped with halvah cotton candy. 


Mustard From Kozlik's

Canada is the world’s largest mustard seed producer and Kozlik’s is the place to go if you’re looking to try some. In fact There are 30 flavors of mustard that range from spicy to savory, including Green Peppercorn, Lime and Honey and XXX Hot. Mustard seeds are also available for purchase. The shop has been making mustard since 1948 and has won numerous awards in the meantime. 


Roti From Gandhi Roti

Chicken, lamb, or beef are the standard meats found in rotis —  a flatbread dish filled with toppings of your choosing — but that doesn’t mean that vegetarians can’t enjoy them too. Gandhi Roti, which many locals believe is the best roti in town, has all the classic rotis and a vegetarian menu that includes potato and mixed vegetables among several choices.  

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