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Disney World’s 2019 Holiday Popcorn Buckets and Sippers Are So Festive

Jingle bell, jingle sipper
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Halloween isn’t even a week behind us, and Christmas has arrived in full force at Walt Disney World. Festive new popcorn buckets and drink sippers have appeared at the Florida theme parks, and they’re some of Disney’s most innovative novelty items to date.

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The popcorn bucket everyone is going to be talking about this season is the Mickey Light-Up Tree Premium Popcorn Bucket. Part snack vessel and part holiday decoration, this adorable bucket features a green Christmas tree with illuminated lights and a bright yellow light-up star on top. Mickey Mouse, donning a classic red Santa Claus hat, is approaching the tree with a yellow and red gift. The bucket is completed with a red strap with a holiday bulb pattern.

The Mickey Light-Up Tree Premium Popcorn Bucket will only be available at popcorn carts at Magic Kingdom during Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. This ticketed event will take place on select nights in November and December, through Dec. 22.

Mickey Christmas tree popcorn bucket

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If you can’t make it to MVMCP this year but are still going to Walt Disney World, there’s another new holiday novelty that can be found. The Mickey Jingle Bell Sipper is in the shape of a shiny red vintage-inspired Mickey Mouse tree ornament with little cut-outs in the shape of Mickey Mouse. We got a sneak peek of this sipper before it arrived at Disney World and can confirm the jingle bell really does jingle and also lights up. It features a retractable straw so you can sip away on your sodas and slushies all day long. At the Magic Kingdom, this sipper can be found at Sleepy Hollow and Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café, according to the Disney Parks Blog.

Jingle Bell Sipper DIsney

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The Mickey Light-Up Tree Premium Popcorn Bucket costs $25, and the Mickey Jingle Bell Sipper is $14.99. In addition to being a vessel for your snacks and sodas, Disney's popcorn buckets and sippers have gained quite the cult following, with collectors stocking up on the new seasonal releases. After the buckets and sippers have fulfilled their foodie duty, Disney told us enthusiasts have used them as purses and home decor.

In addition to the new bucket and sipper, Disney also revealed some of the holiday treats available at the Magic Kingdom this season. Christmas cookie seems to be a theme, with a Christmas Cookie Milkshake and Christmas Cookie Sundae available at Auntie Gravity's Galactic Goodies daily.


Daily treats also include a Cherry & Pistachio Float at Aloha Isle, Christmas churros with red and green sprinkles at Pecos Bill and a Santa Mickey Waffle Sundae at Sleepy Hollow. Christmastime is here, or at least it has arrived at Walt Disney World, and treats, popcorn buckets and sippers are just some of the many reasons that Disney World’s Christmas celebration is one of the theme park holiday events you can’t miss.