Dining in Del Mar in Southern California: Kitchen 1540 (Slideshow)

Del Mar of course has great shopping and surfing, but it's also the home of some fine cuisine

Kitchen 1540 Dining Room

Guests visiting Kitchen 1540 can enjoy their meal in the comfortable dining room with a view of the open-presentation kitchen. For those looking for some peace and quiet, a private table surrounded by wine-encased walls is available.

Outdoor Dining Private Cabana

The temperate climate in the coastal region makes outdoor dining possible all year long. Even when the temperature dips, there are fire pits and heaters aplenty. Cozy cabanas offer privacy and comfort. 

Chef Scott Thomas Dolbee

Executive chef Scott Thomas Dolbee enjoys drawing "inspiration from the freshest local ingredients and global culinary influence," and continues to create unique dishes for award-winning Kitchen 1540.

Cheese Plate

Enjoy sharing a platter of locally made artisan cheese before dinner. This wonderful assortment of fresh cheese comes served with Temecula honeycomb and house-made marmalade.

Mushroom Pappardelle

A big bowl of fresh-cut pappardelle tossed with mushroom madeira cream, black truffles, and Parmesan will warm you up on a chilly winter night. 


Each season, the chef reworks the menu pairing organically grown produce with fresh meats. Selections include perfectly cooked filet of beef, braised beef cheeks, and venison. 

Colorado Lamb

Take a bite of this tender and juicy Colorado lamb served with curried carrots, yogurt, mango chutney, millet, tamarind, and panisse. You won’t want to put your fork down.

Fried Sweet Potato Mousse

The dessert menu at Kitchen 1540 is filled with innovative sweets including a sweet potato mousse that has been coated in graham crackers, fried, and served with miso caramel. It is not to be missed.

Lemon Ricotta Pancakes

Guests can start their day dining on a big stack of lemon ricotta pancakes served with blackberry preserves and a poppy see meringue either at Kitchen 1540 or at the hotel's Waterfall Terrace overlooking the Pacific Ocean.